Youth Ministry, UMYF

Leader: Jordan Brint




              Youth at Lakeview have a vital part in the life of the church. They have their own house for Sunday School and youth gatherings. Come visit the group and get to know our young people. Youth Director Jordan Brint really cares about this group and has a special rapport with youth. She, also, has a strong cadre of parents who volunteer time and effort with the group.

Jordan does her best to attend all the sporting events and cheer on her kids. Youth mission trips with a purpose are planned each year. Time spent together growing in the Word of God creates a bond like no other. Lakeview’s United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) meets every Sunday afternoon at 4pm.
Our youth have a Sudnay evening program at the church youth house. They invite you to join them and experience the love they have for one another and for our Lord. If you would like information, call 377-1226.
  September 2021  
Upcoming Events


Youth Group Meeting
4:00 PM
Youth group meets every Sunday afternoon at the Youth house next door to Lakeview. Jordan Brint is the Youth Director.
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